Gala's Quality Assurance Department takes care of guaranteeing the quality of the finished products, monitoring each phase of the production cycle: from the arrival of the raw materials and packaging, to the control of the chemical physical and microbiological specifications of the bulk and assessing the dermatological tests and efficacy of the finished product.


Raw materials and packaging materials undergo a series of standard inspections and analysis, microbiological analysis and specific analysis based on the typology and criticality.


The finished products are tested both by the efficacy assessment laboratory and by external partnerships with clinics and universities to certify their dermatological compatibility and efficacy.


Quality control of the raw materials, the production process and the finished product is carried out and documented according to strict internal procedures described in Gala's quality manual. The company obtained the certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 for design and production activity of cosmetic products.


Constant monitoring of the activities carried out (from the formulation stage to the formula prototype, from the pilot test to production) enables us to monitor all of the formulation phases and intervene in good time with preventive and corrective action to achieve a constant improvement in company performance.

Safety assessment our primary concern is the safety

The safety assessment is carried out by concerted action between the research and development laboratory and the quality manager that organize the constant monitoring of both the raw materials and the finished product. We make a careful document evaluation of the technical and safety sheets of the finished products, running sample checks on the ingredients and monitoring the production processes both before and after production.
The safety assessment of the finished product is completed with specific analysis aimed at assessing dermatological compatibility (patch test) and microbiological compliance (total microbial count by inclusion)

We produce a Product Information File (PIF), for each cosmetic product, as foreseen by EC Regulation 1223/09 in which a product assessment is drawn up by a competent, expert safety assessor, who certifies its conformity.