A revolution in natural and organic cosmetics with avant-garde ingredients, textures and formulations, Oyuna celebrates each woman's uniqueness offering effective, natural products created for her well-being and unique beauty, available in 3 different assortments with Natrue certification.
All Oyuna products are tested for sensitive skin and heavy metals (nickel, chrome, cobalt < 0,1 ppm).

Absolute detox

Diamond, quartz, mother of pearl, ruby and hematite are key ingredients of Oyuna detox facial range formulated with precious minerals that boot skin remineralization and stimulate cellular renewal and EperulaFalcataextract, known for its detox action. Unique beauty treatments with delicate oriental and floral natural fragrances.

Absolute ritual

Nourishing and firming body care products for the well-being of body and mind, formulated with precious minerals like quarts, ruby and diamond and nurturing ingredients like argan, macadamia oils and cocoa butter.Enveloping fragrances and creamy textures for a unique sensory experience.

8 ingredients

Skin and body care products formulated with maximum 8 Ingredients (excluded water) for sensitive and very sensitive skin, without fragrance, preservatives or essential oils. A cleansing, protective and restoring beauty routine that celebrates the essential and leaves the skin free to regenerate, minimizing the risks of ingredients cross reaction.

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