A promise is a debt

Cosmetic products promise small or great results: moisturizing, soothing, toning, reducing the presence of wrinkles. Each of these promises must be checked with specific tests carried out using special instruments on an appropriate panel.

Our efficacy assessment laboratory

We are able to confirm the principal claims of the cosmetic products including user tests, moisturizing and skin pH tests, sebometry, measurement of skin temperature and elasticity, measurement of melanin and colorimetry.

Accredited research institutes and laboratories

To analyze the assessment of 'promises' requiring the use of sophisticated instruments and the compulsory presence of a dermatologist. Anti-age or anti-wrinkle efficacy, draining effect, anti-cellulite efficacy, reshaping, these are just some of the studies we have commissioned on our products, always achieving excellent results.

Regulatory and scientific assistance

Centralized European notification

We have been accredited with the CPNP notification since the start of 2012 and we are able to implement it for every cosmetic product marketed by third parties and in the whole of the European Community.

Our technical staff also provide legal assistance on all aspects related to labelling, including, on the technical sheets of the products developed, all of the data needed for the correct presentation of the finished product. 

Organic certification our primary concern is the safety

The cosmetics of the future

Thanks to the outstanding experience and creativity that our laboratory puts into developing what will be, for us, the cosmetics of the future, we have at our disposal over 200 CCPB and NATRUE certified organic formulations.
Our passion motivated us to back the search for increasingly natural and organic formulations, even before the market demands. We are literally in love with natural products, both because of their extraordinary contribution in terms of skin nutrition and the crucial role played by the preferential use of natural raw materials in protecting the environment.

A passion for skin, environment and transparency

For us, organic cosmetics, like foodstuffs, cannot certify themselves, but they have to be certified by an independent, third-party body to certify transparently the veracity of the information contained on the label.

In 2006, together with our principal customers, we decided to entrust the organic certification of our cosmetic products to a professional, accredited body, such as CCPB.
We chose to certify our products with the Consortium for the Control of Organic Products as it proposed the concept of organic cosmetics, which is closest to the philosophy that has always characterized our formulations and, consequently, the professionalism our customers expect of us.

Since 2010, we have been developing and producing products certified by NATRUE, an international independent body for organic certification, to strengthen and support our customers’ presence on foreign markets.

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