Full service is our "turnkey" service: from the creation of a product to its promotion, we assist our customers in each phase of development.

Marketing and Research work side by side in synergy to develop innovative, trend-setting products. Production and quality control meet to discuss the planning of industrialization and define the technical specifications to be monitored for assessing efficacy and safety.

A process that involves everyone and leads to the creation of a unique product that we will be proud to present, supporting our customers during events and promotions.


We develop every project starting from our clients' ideas, paying attention to market trends, competitors and the desired product positioning.


All formulations are developed with professionalism and confidentiality, using high quality, innovative and effective raw materials.


Production and packaging of the final product are made in our manufacturing facilities using machineries and technologies specifically created for the production of natural and organic cosmetics.


We help select the best packaging solutions and monitor the design development, advising on the packaging legal requirements.


We carry out efficacy tests and select research institutes when specific certifications are required. We keep constantly updated on the new regulations and we can issue the required documentation to sell the products in Italy and abroad.


We offer our professionalism and experience to help promoting your products during special events like trade exhibitions, training courses or sales presentations.