Skin and body care products with CCPB certification formulated with carefully selected natural and organic ingredients for the well-being of the whole family.

Skin care

Bionova skin care products are formulated with different natural and organic ingredients according to skin type and condition and are characterized by light, silky textures and delicate, natural fragrances:

  • Normal to dry skin range with aloe vera,hyaluronic acid and alpine rose
  • Dry and sensitive skin range with aloe, almond oil and lily
  • Demanding and mature skin with pomegranate, argan and alpine rose.
  • Combination and impure skin with grapefruit, cucumber water and tea tree oil

Body and personal care

  • Body care ranges with active ingredients like aloe vera, argan and apricot
  • Personal care range with delicate intimate wash with camomile and bergamot and deodorant with aloe vera and iris florentina

Mom & baby range

Bionova has developed a range of ultra-delicate products for moms and babies with safe formulations to care for moms' skin during and after pregnancy and to cleanse, nourish and protect the delicate baby skin in the early days. Formulations contain functional ingredients reknown for their emollient and soothing properties such as calendola, lotus flower, karité, argan and sweet almond oil.

Sun care

Bionova sun care products are both effective and innovative, formulated only with physical, 100% mineral filters and precious organic ingredients like coffee oil, coconut oil and aloe vera to protect and nourish the skin during sun exposure.

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