Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our goal is to enhance people's quality of life by offering accessible natural and eco-friendly products, constant and transparent information and education, the authenticity and respect of corporate social responsibility.

Our Vision

We want to help promote a widely accessible wellness model based on respect for people and Nature, nourished by knowledge and passion and promoted with professionalism and transparency.

Company History

Since 2004 until today, our objective has always been the same: to develop a project that we are proud of, whether it is to do with a single product or speaking about our firm, it must be coherent with the values and lifestyle that we believe in.

Born from the need to use our skills in a project that was also socially useful, raised with the passion to invest in the development of truly natural and innovative products, we like to take one step at a time without excess, by our partners and customers' side.


Davide Fiumi, Lorenzo Zanotti and Patrizia Poggiali established Gala Srl. First collaboration with AltroMercato for the creation of Natyr- BenessereSolidale (Ethical Well-Being), the first cosmetics range with fair trade raw materials.


Gala becomes part of Cosmetica Italia third-party manufacturing group.


Gala adheres to the Italian Inspection and Certification body CCPB.


Opening of Gala new manufacturing facility.


Gala participates at Vivaness, the main European trade fair for natural and organic cosmetics.


Gala starts the in-house laboratory for Efficacy Tests.


Gala becomes an ethically certified company and adheres to Natrue certification standard.


Launch of Bionova range, the first of Gala's own brands with natural and organic ingredients, CCPB certified.


Bionova wins the Sana Novità 2012 award for the Wellbeing-Cosmetics section.
Gala starts the in-house Microbiology Control laboratory.


Gala wins the special UNIPRO AWARD for innovation and social wealth creation. Gala presents the Delidea range, Gala's second own brand: a range of body and skin care products in 4 100% natural fragrances for different skin types.


Gala is the first Italian company to join the Natrue International Scientific Committee. Gala acquires the ISO 22716:2008 certification for Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practice. Launch of the Bio Happy range, Gala's third own brand.


THE WALL_COSMOPACK 2015 award: Gala wins the Eco-Beauty Formula Award for being able to combine organic certification, innovation, fair trade, corporate social responsibility and Made in Italy. New 3000 m² production facility


The Gala Academy project starts with the objective of increasing knowledge of natural and organic cosmetics through face-to-face and on-line courses.


Launch of OYUNA range

Certifications and guarantees

Constant checks in every phase of our work enable us to ensure the highest standards of our processes, products and values for our customers.

From raw materials to packaging, from the formulation and production to the finished product and distribution, each phase undergoes checks carried out both internally and externally with auditing procedures implemented by independent certification bodies.

Our constant commitment is also formalized by the certifications obtained during these years:


associated with the "GRUPPO PRODUZIONE CONTO TERZI" of UNIPRO (Italian association of cosmetics companies).
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for design and production activity of cosmetic products. UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
UNI EN ISO 22716:2008 for the guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). UNI EN ISO 22716:2008
certification Impresa Etica, national standard certifying that Gala is a socially responsible company that contributes to sustainable development.
certification of conformity to the standards CCPB (Consortium for the Control of Organic Products) both as a production plant and in relation to the formulations developed ad hoc and distributed with the 'organic cosmetics' mark.
certification for the formulation and production of natural and organic cosmetics based on Natrue's procedural guidelines
member of S.I.S.T.E., Italian Association of Science and Herbal Techniques, a cultural association aimed at promoting, spreading and developing the culture of herbal science.